The installation, designed to the theme of “NEOREAL WONDER”, was to include the application of the company’s digital imaging technology. We were influenced by how light, normally formless, can appear as “light forms” before the spectators’ very eyes when dust is illuminated in the dark. We wanted to build a new relationship with light, so by tracing the radiating light beams with countless strings, the light is artificially given substance. Density of the strings creates the image screens that stretch across the space. These string screens differ from the traditionally flat screens as it can take on a variety of expressions. A new reality could be experienced through the mysterious unity of light and images, blending inside a space that was neither virtual nor real. The word ‘’WONDER’’ was set up on the entrance wall as though it had been woven together by the countless strings on the reverse side. These are the strings that appeared to capture the constantly moving light, weaving it inside the space.

BIG Waste to Energy Plant/